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What Could Have Been but Never Was

"What Could Have Been but Never Was", is a collection that explores the impact of immigration at a very young age, on my relationship with my extended family. I gather ordinary objects which belonged to my relatives and contemplate how these seemingly insignificant items, can hold so many memories and be of such importance. I focus my attention on the negative spaces within those and create standalone pieces that fit inside or around them, as a metaphor for being a part of my family but yet detached from it.

The collection embodies a playful response to the function of each object. It consists of functional, decorative and wearable pieces made in two parts. One in sterling silver and the other in gilding metal, alluding to a life lived and one left behind. It aims to engage viewers in an open dialogue about the challenges of immigration and the sacrifices involved when making such a decision.

Photograph by Shannon Tofts

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