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I wanted my piece to tell a story that belongs to the past. I created a brooch using found items as I saw a resemblance in those with myself. Like myself, they were once found in a different place than they are now, they served a different purpose then and they are now transformed into something new. 

The clock part represents the various clocks and buildings that carry the clocks around the city.

It also symbolizes the passage of time which is interconnected with memory.Both are relevant as the past years of my life were spent there and I am no longer resident of that place and all i have left is my memories of it.


The cracked pottery piece is there to resemble traditional greek pottery styles. These are items one can buy at the local market and decorate their house with. The market is where the people of the city come together to buy necessities and see each other. So the piece of pottery is a symbol of everyday life, domesticity and unity. 


The fishing hook and fish charm moving towards it are used to show that the city is by the sea and fishing is one of the main trades it has depended on since its formation. 

Materials: Brass, ceramic, fishing hook, watch part

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