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Visual Observations

I focused my attention on things I see on my daily commute to GSA. I noticed that what mostly catches my eye are objects with vivid colours and ones that do not belong where they are found. I took photographs of the things I was most attracted to and translated those into drawings in my sketchbook. While doing that I realised that I was really drawn to the photographs of fences and grids in my sketchbook and I kept coming back to them when thinking of possible designs for my final piece. I also collected items I found and used them to create compositions interpreting the drawings in my sketchbook.

The final piece is made of spray painted found plastic tubes that hold two silver pieces together creating the back of the brooch where the pin sits.

The inspiration for it came from a few photographs I had taken combined together. 

The colours I chose to use for the creation of the piece were recurring in a lot of my photographs.

Materials: Sterling silver, plastic tubes, spray paint, stainless steel pin.

Photography: Tom Gibson.

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