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Touch Tickle Torture

For this project I wanted to create a piece that would invoke feelings of discomfort to the viewer/wearer. So I created a neckpiece that take inspiraiton from torture devices. I was drawn to these devices because they are objects which are unwillingly worn on the human body by their bearers who are forced to do so.So it is a piece that a person would probably think twice before wearing and as soon as they do their are being ‘tortured’ by the ticklish nature of the hair strands but also by their idea of hair once it is detached from the body.I want to challenge this notion that hair is a disgusting thing once it comes off our bodies. People take care of their hair, manipulate it in so many ways. They have created professions that revolve around hair and yet as soon as it stops being part of their bodies by naturally falling off, it becomes a completely alien thing for them. They don’t want to see it, touch it, feel it anymore. The exact same hair they were taking care of before.

Materials: Charred wood, human hair, rusty hinges and nail.

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